Law and Justice for Children

We are creating teaching materials for public and private schools and home-schools.

Law schools spend three years teaching what effectively and in reality are simple stories - stories about conflict over issues that resulted in court cases going up on appeal.

Law students spend three years reading published opinions of appellate courts to learn the fundamentals of "who wins and who loses".

And nearly all of those published appellate court opinions are nothing more than stories of humans trying to resolve their diffences with the help of judges who sign orders deciding who wins!

Yes, it really IS that simple, and we intend to tell those same stories to your children in both public and private schools using technology that is

  1. Entertaining ... so our children look forward to attending law classes.
  2. Educational ... so our children learn what's right and wrong from the standpoint of traditional principles of American Justice.
  3. Empowering ... so our children grow into adulthood understanding how our courts work, what justice is, and how to secure their rights against those who would otherwise take advantage of our public legal ignorance.

Law and Justice for Adults

We are associated with Jurisdictionary® and its wonderful online step-by-step legal self-help course that has empowered nearly 100,000 people already since being launched on the internet in 1997.

That course is called How to Win in Court and can be reached by this link: How to Win in Court

Justice® Magazine

Yes, surprisingly there is no magazine called Justice®.

We were surprised to, so we did some research, found this need does not exist, applied for the trademark, and secured that special name for a magazine, newsletter, or periodical.

And we are determined to produce all three!

We realize print magazines are losing popularity, so we also secured the domain name where we will supplant the paper with powerful tools, teachings, entertainment, and products like court guides, law books, our Jurisdicitonary® board game, T-shirts, baseball caps, and everything else our members can think of to promote Public Legal Education that should have been promoted many years ago.

We are negotiating with existing magazine publishers at this time, long-standing companies with successful paper and website publications who will handle the mechanics of getting our Justice® Magazine into the hands of the American Public. We will provide the editorial and artwork content. They will put it in print and get it into your homes and on the shelves wherever finer publications are sold.

The Justice Channel

We are working with producers to create a dedicated cable channel unlike anything that has existed in the past.

Our channel will schedule programming at different times of the day to provide:

  • Justice Education geared for small children, perhaps with the help of those cuddly Sesame Street characters teaching the value of keeping promises, being careful not to harm others, and how our laws are designed to keep peace and promote an environment where every child is safe and can aspire to his or her highest abilities in later life.
  • Programs dealing with social issues but from the viewpoint of our courts and not the kaleidoscopically changing temporary values that shift about with no fixed truths the American People can hold fast to and trust.
  • Movies selected for their unique value in teaching Justice and its proper administration according to fixed values and viewpoints unbiased by political or other opinions.
  • An interactive game show in which viewers can participate from their smart phones or other internet connected devices.
  • Plus every good idea our members can suggest.

Jurisdictionary® Law Course Online

We are taking over the vastly popular Jurisdictionary® course "How to Win in Court" started in 1997 by our trustees.

This amazing course has helped tens of thousands of those 4 out of 5 who cannot afford to hire a lawyer.

People of every walk of life are learning how to use the official rules of court and effective evidence tactics to win their legal battles without a lawyer.

The step-by-step self-paced teachings include video and audio clips, sample legal forms with simplified explanations, legal research tools, a legal dictionary that goes beyond merely defining terms, and much more.

The most important parts of the course can be learned in 24 hours.

The course has won wide aclaim by making it ridiculously easy to acquire the practical legal know-how that controls judges and overcomes the underhanded tricks and unjust methods too often employed by lawyers and prosecutors in civil and criminal cases so "the good guys" can win.

The Jurisdictionary® Board Game

We are working on a fascinating board game for children of all ages (yes, that includes adults into their nineties) challenging minds young and old with court procedures and evidence tactics in a race to be first to win the Final Judgment.

The game can be played by two or more, either individually or with partners drawing Evidence Cards and Procedure Cards, rolling dice to advance around the board where procedural challenges, "objections", and "newly discovered evidence" pop up unexpectedly requiring players to take action to secure Justice in the game.

Fun and empowering education for civil and criminal cases alike.

In some versions of the game, one player can even "be the judge"!

Legal References and Tools

In addition to our other efforts to empower the American Public with legal know-how, the Foundation will offer:

  • "Handy Guides" for people have at hearings and trials to serve as quick outline references to court rules, proper objections, and related topics one needs in the heat of battle to jog memory and provide the "upper hand" that can get lost in courtroom skirmishes.
  • "Power Books" covering a host of essential legal topics including
    • Contract Law
    • Property Law
    • Torts and Personal Injury Law
    • Family Law
    • Wills and Trusts
    • Corporations
    • Partnerships, Sole Proprietorships, and other Business Organizations
    • Intellectual Property (copyright, trademark, etc.)
    • Evidence
    • Objections
    • Trial and Hearing Procedures
    • And many more as you and others make request
  • Free access to online legal research with Boolean searches

Help us teach Justice to You and Your Children!

Promote Public Legal Education

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