The Moral Imperative

Never in the history of the world has there been a greater need for Public Legal Education than there is now when the crushing tide of mis-information crowds out and drowns the precious vision of those who in our past worked tirelessly and gave their lives to secure for us a system of Law and Order that would protect and provide for the needs of every human being - regardless of creed, color, or political leaning.

In this explosive hour We the People are pulling away from the proven principles of our democratic republic, allowing ourselves to be persuaded by issues that ultimately fall short of the essential truths those issues obscure.

We dare not wait for "someone else" to bring sanity to our public dialog.

It is time to act NOW ... positively, persuasively, with love and wisdom.

American Justice Foundation® was created to provide you and your children with legal knowledge that has been omitted from the schools, omitted from the churches, omitted from the media ... knowledge essential to responsible citizenship and fulfillment of the dream held long ago by those who met at Independence Hall in the summer of 1776 to declare for all the world that these United States would be a new nation, dedicated to the proposition not only that each of us is entitled to equal protection under the law but also that our government and all its agencies would also operate under the law, according to law, bound by law that We the People agree upon and understand.

That dream is fading while you and your children are temporarily mesmerized by media motivated more by profit that by principle.

The time for Public Legal Education has come and passed us by.

We must act NOW!

Tomorrow is already too late for too many who have not yet learned what American Justice Foundation® is teaching.

We are filling this unnecessary and shameful gap that destroys too many innocent people each day, good people trapped by their legal ignorance, robbed of liberty and property by an unscrupulous legal profession that has for far too long hidden the truths that American Justice Foundation® is dedicated to reveal for all of you.

Our American Way of Life is threatened. Hope is perishing. Despair is destroying our faith in what America was intended to be.

Justice is held captive by men and women who make merchandise of it, while making no effort to share the simple truths that Public Legal Education proudly proclaims for all of you ... you for whose benefit our nation and its laws were created.

The cure requires only a small, dedicated, and wisely guided effort.

Public Legal Education is a Moral Imperative.

Together we make this mission meet the needs of everyone!

Join us as we lift this Lamp of Legal Knowledge for you and those you love.

Our Declaration of Trust

Our original signed Declaration of Trust is filed in the Public Records of Martin County, Florida and is legally binding on the Trustees.

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Declaration of Independence

We consider our nation's Declaration of Independence as the first official statement of American Jurisprudence, the wisdom of Justice.

Our declaration should and must immediately bind all government action and guide your nation toward a future safe and secure for all Americans, regardless of race, heritage, or any other factor that might otherwise deny you free and equal rights under our laws and the ability to enforce your rights if you cannot afford to hire a lawyer to fight for you in court!

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