We need articles about law, essays, reports of recent happenings that affect the law and our courts.

We need stories that teach lessons about honesty, truth, kindness, and the value of obeying the law and working for Justice.

We need poems. Yes, poems, whether they are your own or poems from the past that deal with how the law impacts all our lives, or how it impacted certain individuals in a way that others should be made to understand.


We need animators to produce motion graphics to teach principles of law and justice.

We need artists to depict scenes where law impacts human lives.

We need artists to create cover art for our publications.

We need cartoonists to make our audience smile and think. Humor is important to our mission.

I.T. People

We need I.T. people to keep this and our other websites operating bug-free.

We need I.T. people to develop secure web-based software routines for managing our many databases, sending email blasts to the public at large, and maintaining cyber communications with schools and other users of our intellectual properties.


We need managers to keep everything running smoothly, people with "people skills" to encourage and motivate staff while keeping focus on our primary goal.

Secretarial Staff

We need sociable people with knowledge of our mission to answer the phones, answer emails, and keep track of all the input from the public, from media, and from everyone scrambling to learn what American Justice Foundation® is up to ... and why it is so critically important.


We need at least one "good lawyer" (is that still an oxymoron?) or maybe two or three to:

  • to keep the Foundation on track legally
  • to deal with government agencies effectively
  • to draft agreements for staff, vendors, and consumers, etc.

We need YOU!

Please contact us at Trustees@AmericanJusticeFoundation.com or phone Toll Free: 866-LAW-EASY (866-529-3279)

Only YOU can prevent tyranny by empowering our youth and our adult population with greater understanding of The Rule of Law and the principles and practices of due process that control our American courts.

The Foundation wants each of you to use the power of your vote, but for the first time in the history of the world the internet and American Justice Foundation® offer the American People power they have never before enjoyed: Power to Enforce your Rights in Court.

That power belongs to you and your children, and we intend to see to it that you and your children learn how to exercise that power by learning the simple rules that must once again control our courts and usher in an age of Peace, Justice, and Liberty for absolutely ALL of you.

Justice should not belong to the rich who can afford to hire lawyers.

Justice should and does belong to each of you once you know the Rules of Court and how to use them effectively.

Tell everyone!

Help us teach Justice to You and Your Children!

Promote Public Legal Education

Contact us to learn more.